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The role of the EMS Education Committee is to represent the Society in all matters of mathematical education at every level. The Committee consists of EMS members drawn from several of the Scottish universities in addition to the Society's President. The current Convenor of the Education Committee is Dr Niall Dodds (University of Dundee).

If you're looking for information about mathematical education in Scotland more generally, you may find this guide to relevant organisations and reports a helpful place to start. (Note that this is an external page and not necessarily endorsed by the EMS.)

Maths Week Scotland

**Deadline Extended to 31st August**

Maths Week Scotland is delighted to be partnering with the Edinburgh Mathematical Society and the Glasgow Mathematics Journal to provide a small grants fund to provide financial support to Maths Week Scotland-related activity and innovation.

Total funding of £16,000 will be available for the Maths Week Scotland 2018 small grants fund.

Applications will be welcomed from individuals, organisations and partnerships.

There is no upper or lower limit to the amount that can be requested; however, the intention will be to support activity in a number of areas and sectors.

The detail within applications should be proportionate to the level of funding requested; for example a request for the costs of a coach for pupils to a local science centre event would require only basic information.

The deadline for applications is 28 August 2018 31 August 2018. You will receive an indicative interim response within 3 working days of application which will be firmed up very shortly after the deadline. We hope to respond to applications submitted before the original deadline (28 August) within several days of that date.

Please e-mail your application to edmathsoc@ed.ac.uk, copied to N.Dodds@dundee.ac.uk. Please put "Maths Week Scotland" in the subject line for all e-mail applications so that your application can be processed promptly.

Please contact mathsweekscot@gov.scot, with any queries.


The Schools Enrichment Fund exists to provide financial support for mathematical activities which fall outwith the normal school curriculum. The aim of the fund is to encourage talented young people to develop an interest in mathematics through imaginative projects or events (e.g. a half-day Masterclass for a group of schools, a longer term project in an individual school). Anyone, whether or not they are a member of the Society, may apply for a grant from this fund for a Scottish-based mathematical activity. See the application form and guidance for further details.

The Education Committee has also provided financial support for the Scottish Mathematical Challenge (run by the SMC) and for annual Advanced Higher prizes.

Popular Lecture

Each year, the EMS holds a popular lecture as part of its regular meetings programme. All are welcome and admission is free.

Undergraduate students

The EMS aims to engage with undergraduate students mainly through its links to student mathematics societies. Such societies are invited to become "communicating societies" of the EMS: this means that they are in regular contact with us and are able to receive and exchange information about upcoming events and opportunities of interest to their members. If you are involved in running a student maths society, or if you would like to set one up, then we would be keen to hear from you! Please contact Dr Niall Dodds if you are interested.

The EMS also maintains a list of mathematical speakers who would be willing to speak to student societies or similar groups: list in PDF format. If you would like your details to be included on it, please let us know! A small amount of financial support is also available to student societies to allow them to bring in external mathematical speakers or to organise other mathematical events. Societies which wish to apply for support should contact Dr Niall Dodds in the first instance.

Postgraduate students

The Society has arranged postgraduate students' meetings at the Burn, every one or two years since 1995. It is intended that these meetings will continue on a regular basis.

Together with ICMS the Society initiated a pilot programme of generic skills training for Scottish-based mathematics and statistics PhD students, and ran them for two years. The successful generic skills programme is now entirely funded by participating departments.